At A Glance

Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd, established in 1998, entered energy storage industry with patent technology and rose rapidly.

It was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2003 with the stock code 600478. The Company has been dedicated to hybrid power for 20 years and established a full-industry chain from advanced energy storage materials, advanced battery, automobile battery energy pack, to hybrid electric vehicle assembly system, battery recycling system and hybrid automobile operations to serve the vehicle manufacturers.

The Company has comprehensively promoted lean management and intelligent manufacturing, integrated Industry 4.0, and had powerful independent innovation platform and hybrid automobile assembly system platform. The Company has now established the joint venture China Hybrid System Co., Ltd with Geely Group, Changan Automobile and Yunnei Power, to jointly develop CHS extensive hybrid assembly project.

With the innovation guidance of the market and the provision of leading hybrid assembly products, technical services, and one-stop integrated supply chain services, the Company has gradually become the builder of ecological system, leader of core technology, and the maker and supervisor of rules, to provide integration services for the system participants such as transaction matching and customer sharing and to promote the continuous stable development of the whole ecological system.